Common Problems That A Commercial Locksmith Can Fix


Problematic doors are annoying for any business's clients. Customers who visit your business will immediately notice any issues opening your doors. Therefore, ensure you fix any door lock problems for your brand's image and make your business space convenient. Here are some issues a commercial locksmith can help you resolve. Misaligned Door Latch A door will not operate smoothly when the latch doesn't grip the strike plate. This happens when the door latch is misaligned.

28 November 2022

Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Car Alone When You Lose the Key


Most people have been in a situation where they have lost their key while out and about, or perhaps left it in the car itself, and weren't sure what to do. Some decide that it is easier to use a rideshare app to go home, get a spare key and come back to open their car. Others are just too tired to deal with the problem right now and go home to sleep to come back and sort the issue out later.

14 September 2022

4 Scenarios Where You Will Need A Competent Emergency Locksmith


Almost everyone has experienced a sticky situation involving their keys at some point in life. Sometimes it could be the door to your vehicle that gets stuck, while other times, the problem could be the house locks. Either way, having someone you can call to help regain access to your personal spaces minimizes the inconvenience. Here are four main scenarios where you might need the services of an emergency locksmith.

10 June 2022

Benefits of Having a DEA-Compliant Safe


If you run a facility that handles controlled substances, you should ensure that these possessions are secured. Without proper security, unauthorized people may access and consume these substances, causing harm. Due to the danger posed by medical drugs and narcotics, the DEA requires those handling these items to store them in an approved safe. A DEA compliant safe ensures various drugs are secure and away from unauthorized people. Here are some reasons why it is prudent to have a DEA-compliant safe.

18 February 2022