4 Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Commercial Steel Door Exit Controls


When installing doors for your commercial building, you should consider their operation. You want to make sure they provide easy accessibility. One of the critical components of a door is exit control. This article looks at some of the questions many people ask regarding commercial steel door exit controls. Read on. 

1. What are Commercial Steel Door Exit Control Devices?

A commercial exit control device is usually installed at the exit point of the door. It is popularly referred to as push or panic bar. They aid in exiting a building quickly during an emergency. When you need to go out, you only push the spring-loading bar to release the lock. 

2. Why Should You Consider Commercial Steel Door Exit Controls?

The primary importance of installing commercial exit controls is the ease of exit in an emergency. Since they are easy to open, there are no chances of a delay or malfunction during that time. Additionally, anyone, including the disabled, can operate them. Most of the door locks comply with the disabilities act requirement. 

Also, exit doors are for exit purposes only, meaning that no one can access them from outside. Therefore, you should not worry about unauthorized persons entering your building since the door remains locked from inside. 

3. What Are the Benefits of Commercial Steel Door Exit Controls?

Installing commercial steel door exit controls is affordable. So if you are looking for an inexpensive way of increasing the safety of your work premises, exit control devices are suitable.

Another benefit you can get from these exit controls is that they improve your insurance rates. Insurance companies offer better rates for building owners who foolproof their premises. 

4. What Are the Types of Commercial Exit Controls Available?

Commercial steel door exist controls are available in a wide range of varieties. Your choice will depend on your needs and preference. Here are the common types: 

Bold Rim Style: They are not popular, and their mechanism is unique. Unlike other types of exit control locks, they do not have a spring bolt, so only a key can activate it. The deadbolt holds securely above the strike, thus reducing the distance between the two parts.

Rim Style: Most commercial steel door exit controls use this option. You can use them on both single and double doors that swing outwards. They are usually installed on the surface of the mounted strike.

Mortise Lock: This type of exit control is ideal for double doors only. You will install it on the swinging door using a mortise lock (pocket lock) at the edge of the door.

If you do not yet have commercial steel door exit controls in your business, you should find a lock expert at once to install them. The controls offer you an extra layer of protection, especially in the event of an emergency. 


6 May 2021

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