3 Indicators That The Locks In Your Business Premises Are No Longer Safe


Door locks are one of the most common access control mechanisms. Over the years, they have evolved from the massive padlocks that were used centuries ago to smaller keyhole locks. Currently, there are keyed locks, combination locks, and even biometric locks. Most business owners prefer to use a combination of the latest technology and more traditional lock-and-key technology to secure their premises.

Locks, like other parts of your building, need regular maintenance to prolong their life and maintain their efficiency. You should always engage locksmiths to maintain, clean, and lubricate your locks to keep them in perfect shape. However, even with the best maintenance, the effectiveness of your locks is bound to diminish over the years. Here are three ways you can tell your locks need to be replaced.

1. Do Things Go Missing at Your Premises?

Weak locks are easy to tamper with, and burglars will capitalize on a poor locking mechanism to access parts of the premises they are not allowed to access. If office supplies, money, and other items have been going missing from your business premises, or if employees have been complaining about theft, it is time to inspect the locks.

The best person to inspect the condition of your locks is a competent locksmith. This is because the regular eye might miss some weaknesses and assume the lock is fine when it isn't.

2. Do the Regular Keys Sometimes Stick Inside the Locks?

As the lock gets older, parts of its locking mechanism can rust and wear out. At first, you will notice that it takes a few twists and turns to get the door locked or unlocked. However, as the lock becomes more worn out, you might have more episodes of the lock getting stuck and needing to use a lubricant to restore its function.

A competent locksmith will check the condition of the parts of your lock. If the parts are too old for repairs, they will advise you to replace the locks.

3. Have You Recently Moved to New Business Premises?

The first thing you should do when you move to new business premises is change the locks. This is a precautionary measure because you don't know who might have left with a copy of the keys. Call in the locksmith to change your building locks as soon as possible to avoid security breaches.

You need the services of a commercial locksmith to uphold the security of your business premises by ensuring your locks are safe and secure at all times. Ensure you hire a reliable locksmith for excellent services.


20 October 2020

My Garage Sale Safe

I have always been a big fan of garage sales. There is just something about the ability to stop and pick up hidden treasures for an incredibly low price that always gets my blood flowing. So when I spotted a top of the line safe at a local sale for an amazingly low price, I simply could not help myself. After years of sitting in my garage unused, I decided to finally move my safe into the house. The problem was, I had forgotten the combination. Thankfully, a local locksmith was able to help me gain access to the safe. While watching the locksmith work, I was fascinated by the way he bypassed the safe's lock. Suddenly I found myself wanting to learn this skill. Throughout the course of research, I learned a lot about the profession of locksmiths. Today, I would like to share that knowledge with you.