How To Keep Guns Safe In Your Family Home


You may have heard the saying; "guns don't kill people, people kill people". This saying refers to the idea that no one can be injured by a gun without someone handling it. This is very true, and by keeping guns out of the hands of children and people who have no reason to handle them, you can safely own guns and store them in your family home. 

To ensure your guns are safely stored in your home, follow these important guidelines:

Educate Your Children About Guns and Gun Safety

Children are very curious about things that they view as taboo. If you never let your children handle your firearms and don't proactively educate them about gun safety, then your kids will be much more likely to try to play with your guns when you are not home.

To prevent your children from unsafely handling your guns, you must teach them to respect the firearms and the irreversible damage they can do if not properly handled. Kids who respect guns are much less likely to get into trouble with them.

Always Store Your Guns Unloaded with Trigger Locks

When you store your guns in your home, they must have trigger locks on them and should always be stored unloaded. Trigger locks are inexpensive and prevent your gun from being fired. And, keeping your guns stored unloaded without access to ammunition will prevent accidental shootings. 

Always Store Your Unloaded Guns in a Secured Gun Safe

The only safe place to store your guns in your household is inside of a locked gun safe. The safe should be permanently bolted to the foundation of your home to ensure no one breaks into your home and makes off with your safe and guns. If your safe has a combination lock, then only responsible adults should have the combination. If the safe has a key lock, then the keys should be kept with you when you are away from home. If you are trying to find gun safes, try

Secure Your Gun's Ammunition in a Separate Locked Safe if Possible

In conclusion, for the maximum amount of protection against the unsafe handling of your firearms when you aren't home, you should secure their ammunition in a separate gun safe. Storing your ammo away from your guns will prevent people from being able to load and fire your guns if they should happen to breach the security of your gun safe and trigger locks. 


27 July 2017

My Garage Sale Safe

I have always been a big fan of garage sales. There is just something about the ability to stop and pick up hidden treasures for an incredibly low price that always gets my blood flowing. So when I spotted a top of the line safe at a local sale for an amazingly low price, I simply could not help myself. After years of sitting in my garage unused, I decided to finally move my safe into the house. The problem was, I had forgotten the combination. Thankfully, a local locksmith was able to help me gain access to the safe. While watching the locksmith work, I was fascinated by the way he bypassed the safe's lock. Suddenly I found myself wanting to learn this skill. Throughout the course of research, I learned a lot about the profession of locksmiths. Today, I would like to share that knowledge with you.