4 Proven Ways To Prevent Theft Of Your Stuff From Your New Home


While your family is excited about moving into your new home, it is important that you first take steps to prevent theft when you are away. Thankfully, there are many actions you can take to ensure that the home is safe and no one will be able to break in while you are away at work, including each of these four things:

1. Change All Existing Door Locks and Install Deadbolts and Steel-Core Exterior Doors

Since you do not have any way to know who has keys to the existing locks in your home's exterior doors, you need to have them all rekeyed by a professional locksmith. Locks that are older or not functioning well should be replaced. If your home's exterior doors do not have deadbolts installed on them, then this is also a must. 

As an added layer of protection, all of your home's exterior doors should be made out of either solid wood or have steel cores. If you find any hollow-core doors, then you should have them replaced before your family moves into your new home. 

2. Install Locks on All Sliding Doors, French Doors, and Windows

At the same time that you secure all of the doors in your home, don't forget that you also need to secure any:

  • windows
  • sliding glass doors
  • french doors

You can purchase some simple yet effective locks designed to lock windows and sliding glass doors. Your home's french doors should be secured by deadbolts just as your other exterior doors are.

3. Purchase Some Fake Alarm System Window Stickers and Yard Signs

Even if you do not want to have a professionally monitored alarm system installed for your home, then you can obtain many of the same benefits by purchasing some fake "alarm system protected" window decals and yard signs. The materials can be purchased at your local hardware store, and installing them goes a long way towards convincing potential thieves that your home has an alarm and they should cause their trouble elsewhere. 

4. Install Hidden Security Cameras Just in Case a Theft Occurs

Finally, just in case a thief happens to breach your security measures and gets into your home, having camera footage of the incident will greatly assist your local law enforcement agency with identifying the perpetrator. Buy security cameras that are designed to look like other household objects like stuffed animals or small appliances, and take care to place them in areas where thieves will not question what they are. 


4 May 2017

My Garage Sale Safe

I have always been a big fan of garage sales. There is just something about the ability to stop and pick up hidden treasures for an incredibly low price that always gets my blood flowing. So when I spotted a top of the line safe at a local sale for an amazingly low price, I simply could not help myself. After years of sitting in my garage unused, I decided to finally move my safe into the house. The problem was, I had forgotten the combination. Thankfully, a local locksmith was able to help me gain access to the safe. While watching the locksmith work, I was fascinated by the way he bypassed the safe's lock. Suddenly I found myself wanting to learn this skill. Throughout the course of research, I learned a lot about the profession of locksmiths. Today, I would like to share that knowledge with you.